TopBand: Bev and ts930s

Bill Tippett
Fri, 11 Oct 1996 07:29:34 -0400 (EDT)

WB5VZL is correct about this.  If you look at your TS-930 manual, it
shows a schematic of the transverter connections that need to be made.
A word of CAUTION:  Do not use just any DIN connector.  Get the connector
from Kenwood.  I first tried this with a non-Kenwood connector and 
destroyed the female receptacle in the radio.  The Kenwood connector works
fine (it manually activates a relay when you insert it in addition to making
the pin connections) but, for some reason, non-Kenwood connectors will
damage the receptacle.  So much for so-called "Standard DIN connectors!"

If you do this correctly, you will have a connection from the main antenna
on the receive side of the transceiver, you can then use a switch to reroute
this back into the transceiver or you can switch to the external Beverage.
This way, you can return the 930 to normal operation with just a switch and
not have to disconnect the transverter connector.  I've wired mine so that
I can also use my preamplifier with either the main transmit antenna or 
with the Beverage.

Everything I've said also applies to TS-940's, but I'm not sure about other
Kenwood radios.  Kenwood started doing some stupid things with later radios 
like not giving you remote antenna capability on the TS-850.  That's
one of many reasons why I am still using this 1982 vintage radio which has
probably heard close to 300 different countries on 160 in its time.

                                        73,  Bill  W0ZV
KV5V wrote:
>>John, the TS930 has a separate receive antenna jack on the rear panel.
>>Plug the bev. in there and throw the slide switch next to it.  The radio
>>does the rest.

WB5VZL replied:
>Wrong - that plug diverts the antenna to a second receiver - it
>does not provide for external antenna input.
>To get into the receive loop on the ts-930 you need 
>to use the transverter din connector.  
>BTW - some 930s that I have seen have been modified so that
>the plug that Brad is talking about does do what he describes 
>but this is *not* how it comes from the factory.
>(I bought one new - still have it - I have used *ALOT* of diffrent ts930s)

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