TopBand: Unihat

Lew McCoy
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 15:20:52 -0600

I was asked about the UniHat and my results with it--Tom Rauch takes issue
with the antenna impedance but like many amateurs--he speaks without
thinking.  He did not have one of the antennas to test--I did and do, I
tested agsinst a rotatable 40 meter dipole ona 60 foot tower--extensive
tests--the UniHat on 40 meters actually outperformed the dipole about 50
percent of the time.  Not by much but it depednded a great deal on the path,
as would be expected.  I have a 160 horizontal halfwave, tuned feeders which
I use for 160 and 80--I tested the UniHat against that antenna--mostly A-B
tests and found that--about 50 percent of the time--again depending on
conditions--the Unihat would produce the better signal.  In additon, I did
extensive testing with other owners of the atenna and found my results were

What people and some hams like Rauch forget, is that this antenna was
primarily designed for broadcast A-M work where very high antennas were not
practical-  This short sleeve radiator did an excellent job.  Rauch seems to
ignore the work of people like Capt. Lee who spent countless years working
with this type of antenna and had great success.  Some on of the group made
a remark that they didn't give a rats ass about the tests with Los Alamos--I
really don't understand such a stupid remark.  The tests were very
conclusive in showing that this short radiator--the UniHat--did an
outstanding job agaisnt a full size 160 meter vertical--this is not just
McCoy speaking but actual tests that some dumb clown wants to throw out--why???

In any case--I had to throw my two cents worth in--I get awful tired of
reading what some of these "experts" have to say without backing it up with
actual experience.

Lew McCoy, W1ICP   

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