TopBand: Meanook spoke, and speaks again!

Phil Clements
Mon, 1 Dec 1997 08:52:31 -0600

At 05:49 AM 12/1/97 -0800, NM7M wrote:
>Friends in Radio Land,
>When last seen, the quiet days in the Meanook magnetometer record were 
>November 2 and 3; so what did we get on November 29 and 30?
>The 29th was pretty good, a K-sum of 0!  The 30th was less satisfactory, 
>a K-sum of 4.  That's a lot better than the most disturbed days, the 
>22nd and 23rd, when the K-sums were 39 and 46, respectively.
>But now we have some new quiet days to look at, November 20 and 21, when 
>the K-sums were 0 and 1 as well as November 25-29 when the K-sums were
>1, 2, 0, 0, and 0, respectively.  Do the arithmetic and see what happens.
>Bob, NM7M
160 meters usually turns on like a switch here in the Dallas area about the
time of the ARRL 160m test in December. Maybe it is the seeding of the F
layer with massive RF doses from the contest...who knows? Anything we get
down here before December is just gravy and very rare. However, the November
25-29 sums allowed a 6-7 minute opening at 1152-1159 to VK9LH and I
got in the log for a new one. No such luck with Africa and Europe! The
numbers looked like it was going to be a great CQWW weekend, but zilch to
AF and EU here, even 80m was terrible. Noise was low, just no prop. I need
5A on top band and 80m, as well as the 5V and 5U; even need ZS on 160.
Perhaps next week will turn the corner for us. It is a consolation to know
very few E. coasters set the world on fire last weekend either. I listened
when 5A 5U VK9L or other juicy stuff was spotted, but very few pileups
heard. Some spots produced no callers at all. We usually get to sit down
here in Texas in November and listen to the Pilgrams running EU on 160 at
great rates, but not so this year.

Lets all get on ARRL 160 weekend and heat up the clouds! GL, and CU in the
piles, I hope.

Phil, K5PC

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