TopBand: Comment on slinky on 40 meters

Mon, 01 Dec 1997 08:31:06 -0500

I used the new Europe slinky as receive antenna in the CQWW on 160, 80, and 40

It was somewhat noisy on 160, less noisy on 80, and DEAD QUIET on 40!!! I
could find a signal down in the mud on the 40 vertical or dipole, then flip to
slinky and the noise level disappeared completely with little loss in strength
(maybe 2-3 S units). But with no background noise to deal with I could tighten
the TS940's VBT to nil and still pull signals out.  Almost NO QRM to deal
with!!  Needless to say, when the band got crowded I used it all the time, as
it seemed to hear the Caribbean and Central American stations OK (higher
signal strength, so a signal off the side or from behind was still quite

Has anybody else noticed the slinky's performance on 40 meters? Not much
noticed when I tried it on 20 (no beam here, so I try EVERY antenna I have on

BTW... the SWR problem I noticed earlier  was poor coax... replaced it Friday
before the test and all OK now.

I even hustled a 30 foot tall inverted L into place Friday using the elevated
radials on my 80 meter vertical and a 125 foot couterpoise radial... seemed to
perform slightly better than the 45 foot high dipole, but we'll give it a good
test this weekend.

Carl..... Thanks again for the slinky... it's great!!!

Mel KJ9C

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