TopBand: CQWW CW from N2NU

Robert g. Flory
Mon, 1 Dec 1997 08:14:22 -0500

Precedence: bulk
X-Sponsor: W4AN, KM3T, N5KO & AD1C

Greetings Topbanders,

The Band was interesting as ever this weekend, but not that much fun. 
There seemed to be some "over the top" conditions where the usually easy
W2-West EU path was down compared to deeper openings.  I heard K0HA calling
stations that were barely detectable on 900 foot Beverages at 10 and 45
degrees.  UA9XJV was heard at our sunset and his sunrise both nights yet we
were unable to even get a ? from him with our KW and 2 inverted L array. 
Static was bad here, so 160 was overall pretty painful.

Saturday morning heard JA0MVW, JA7NI, JA1CGM but no QSO.

The impressive signals from EU were GW7J and TK5NN, both well above the

80 was not terribly good either but 40 through 10 were FB!

73, Rob K2WI

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