TopBand: One Way Propagation
Tue, 2 Dec 1997 07:47:59 -0600

     Well last night was a waste. I listened from 0300 till 0600Z for 5A2A 
     on 1.829 + 29.5 but nothing. I did hear and work him on 80 meters at 
     0542Z but couldn't figure out why he wasn't trying 160m. 
     I got up this morning hoping for anything that might come along on 
     160m, or what I call the "Stingy Band". I didn't hear anything, not 
     even a single JA in the window. So I switched over to 75M and 
     heard/worked DS5RNM. Lee was 59 plus and I asked him if he had a 160M 
     antenna up. He said yes and we QSY'ed over to 1.822.5Mhz. To my 
     surprise he was a solid 559, I sent my call and report, but he wasn't 
     sending me a report. I switched over to 75M again and was working 
     UA0NL when Lee broke in. I told him he was a solid 559 but he said he 
     couldn't copy anything because of all the QRN!!! I was severly 
     depressed! I was copying Korea like it was Kansas and he wasn't 
     copying me. This is one of those times that a water cooled 3CX10000A7 
     would be nice. I asked if he wanted to try it again even though I was 
     past my sunrise. He agreed and we went back to 1.822.5Mhz. Again, he 
     was 529 but 100% copy even 20minutes past my sunrise. 
     Thursday morning when I get back from California, you can bet I'll be 
     looking for Lee (DS5RNM) in hopes of giving it another try. Maybe I'll 
     have a nice 3CX10000A7 as carry on.
     North Texas

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