TopBand: 5A2A, YES ! ! ! !
Thu, 4 Dec 1997 04:17:31 -0500 (EST)

I had worked 5A2A on 80 for a new band country & zone, but had not been
able to hear them on 160. I listened for some time after VE1ZZ spotted them
at 0253Z, not a peep. Checking 1829.6 often after my sunset, nothing was
heard.  I saw a spot from Craig, W1JCC, at 0222Z and still nothing. I saw
they went back up to 80 meters and went about doing chores, figuring I missed
them on Top Band.  At 0407Z, Heinz, NR0X, dropped a spot and their they were,
running S5/7 on my 125 foot Slinky Beverage. I moved down about 100 Hz from
the station he was working, made one call and BINGO!

I did not have time this fall to track down the farmer to get permission to
his field for afull size Beverages, but had room to slip up a 5 Slinky
Right now, it is terminated with 4 120 ohm 2 Watt carbon resistor to a ground
rod, running 6 feet off the ground, stretched out to 125 feet on back Dacron
supported once in the center. I am using an I.C.E. antenna matching unit
at 800 ohms. I am using a Palomar Preamp.

Without the full size Beverage to compare, I can only say, in one month, I
from 92 countries to 109 countries. Out of the 17 new countries, 14 of them
not have been heard without the Slinky Beverage. 

If you do not have room for a full size Beverage, try the Slinky.  It
certainly is
better than nothing.  I will probably take this one or make another for use
Belize this month. I have used this one to advantage on 160, 80 and 40

Speaking of Belize, I was looking at the "Multee" antenna in the new ARRL
antenna handbook.  Anybody out there used this?  I am considering it for
my 160/80 meter antenna for this trip.

73,  K8Joe"Palooka" & Beverly,
K8JP, V31JP, VP5/K8JP, VP5JP, K8JP/VA2, ex-K8HKM, ex-KN8HKM
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