TopBand: Re: QSO stealing/USA lids calling 5A2A on 160M

Bill Tippett btippett@CTC.Net
Thu, 04 Dec 1997 06:58:48 -0500 (EST)

        The following was in a late survey response from G3***
and is so relevant to this topic that I wanted to share it:

If there is one censorship I would like it is to remind subscribers:

"Please do not use the reflector to post your personal complaints,
criticisms, gripes, etc. We have many overseas subscribers who do not
appreciate the bandwidth taken on non-informational topics"

As an overseas subscriber I value the experience, skills and humour of most
of the US subscribers.  But I don't give a s**t about "West Coast dipoles"
or "W8's with deaf ears"  If someone has a gripe and they are being
specific - e-mail it directly and keep it off the reflector!  It really
ruins my day when the reflector digest is full of internal-to-USA mud
slinging.  I have yet to see the 'overseas' stns join in - but leave it
long enough and they will.

        I couldn't have said it better!  Now back to real information
that will benefit all of us.

                                        73,  Bill  W4ZV

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