TopBand: CQ WW CW

Carl and Vicky
Sat, 06 Dec 1997 07:28:25 -0800

Just a short posting to say THANKS to all who worked ZF1A during CQ WW CW 
last weekend.  ZF1A was a multi-single entry by K1TO, W5ASP, K9MK, and 
K9LA.  We ended up at 12.8M.

We didn't do much running on 160m, but ended up with 124 Qs, 16 zones, 
and 45 countries on topband.  Saturday night was a good night.  That's 
when I worked most of the zones and countries.

Can anyone give us a comparative signal report on 160m?  Like compared to 
6Y4A, KP3Z, TI5N, etc?  We used an inv-vee up at about 90ft for transmit, 
and a 600ft Beverage strung right before the contest by K1TO and K9LA.


Carl K9LA

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