TopBand: JY8ZW Update

JN Bureau
Sat, 6 Dec 1997 14:08:16 +0200

     I listened for any sign of signals from the states at my sunrise this
AM but struck out again.  The noise and broadcast QRM are really bad at my
QTH.  The S meter never drops below S9.  I've had some luck working Europe
and even managed to work several JA's last evening thanks to a heads up
from IT9ZGY.  Unfortunately, just as sunrise was approacing in JA, I had to
QRT due to a TVI problem.  (more on that later)  I'm trying to work out a
deal where I can be on for 30 minutes prior to JA sunrise today.  One major
problem is that I don't have an external VFO for the Kenwood 830 I'm using.
 The VFO got a real work out moving between 1826 and 1909.  If I can get on
at JA sunrise, I might try operating around 1910. Tomorrow (12/7) will be
my final day here.  I'll do what I can to hand out a few more topband QSO's
but those who don't make it always have JY9QJ.  This is after all a
business trip. Also, please DO NOT send any replies to this address. It
does not belong to me and after tomorrow I won't be able to read them.  I
can be reached at my home address when I return in 2


							Ken K4ZW/JY8ZW

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