TopBand: First Yr DXer (not important !)

John Vickers
Sun, 14 Dec 1997 17:06:13 -0500

Hello Top Band Friends
   After 35 years as a Ham, I've just completed my first year of DXing.
Always thought DX only existed below 7 mc or above 50 mc, so decided to
start on 160. For those in the same category as myself, (300 watt, ant wire
thrown over tree, very inexperienced DXer). It can be done ! Don't give up.

   When realizing I could work the stns with a small degree of success,
thought my real problem would be trying to get the QSLs. Not So ! Expect to
receive cards from all but 3 countries worked. They were QSOed early on and
still no response. Seems that Top Band Ops are dedicated to the band and
also to helping each other.

   I started out on 160 in the mid 1960s as a teenager with a home brew 807
and old hammerlund rcvr. No watt meter, just a small light bulb and single
turn loop to tune xmtr. I was sure my engeneering skills had me well below
the 50 watt limit ! hi hi  I tried for weeks to work W1BB, and my only DX
was KP4AST (NP4A)  My family moved back to Georgia and at that time no
operation was permitted on 160 from the state so my 160 career ended. Only
brief excursions to the band until last December.

   I would like to thank all of you that have made my past year of Radio as
much FUN as it was years ago, and hope to carry on the many friendships
started during this time. THANKs especially to all the DX stns that have
been patient and helped a beginer get started on Top Band.
73 es gud DX
John    PS: Totals  1st  74 days -  104 countries
                                                  1st  year      -  126  
                                                  confirmed     -  113  
90% QSL rate
                                    Boasting ?  YES  but with my stn and
ant you would call it  
                                                      a MIRACLE !

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