TopBand: Stew Perry Notes - N6TR

Tree N6TR
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 16:24:11 -0800 (PST)

I had one person ask if this contest was open to "DX".  But
of course!  Last year, we had a good mix of DX and domestic 
stations on.  The band wasn't too crowded and many DX QSOs
were made.  Hopefully conditions will cooperate.

Another asked about awards.  We had some pretty neat awards for
the first running.  However, I doubt we will have anything beyond
certificates for this running.  Perhaps we will have participation
certificates to anyone sending in a full sized SASE.

If anyone needs to know their grid square, send me a message 
with your lat/lon and I will reply with it.

The band continues to almost be open to Europe.  Last night, I heard
SM4CAN for about 10 seconds, and I heard the "3" out of G3PQA's call.
The night before, OH3ES was floating above the noise for a few seconds
at a time.  I actually copied him sending a report and his name to 
someone else, but he didn't seem to hear me.  Previous to that, I 
heard OY9JD calling numerous CQs, again with no luck.

The ZS opening is probably pretty easy for the west coast.  ZS4TX and
ZS5X have been on around 0300Z.  Maybe I can make it on at that time this

YC0LOW reports working the west coast with 100 watts and was heard
again for a second morning.  He is planning to be active in the 
Stew Perry test.

73 Tree N6TR

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