TopBand: Boring Report - N6TR/7

Tree N6TR
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 08:13:43 -0800 (PST)

During the last two months, the Boring Amateur Radio Club has tried
to find out why the RF Gods were angry with us.  Perhaps it had 
something to do with the upcoming RF exposure limits the FCC is 
imposing on us...  or some confusion on their part about how to
make sunspots work again.

Hopefully the conditons from the past couple of nights are a sign
of better things to come.  

On 20-Dec-97, a long opening with some good signals occurred.  GM4BES
was coming in very well at 03:24 and RA2FBC was also easy to hear
for over an hour.  Some of the normal gang - DJ7AA, OZ7C, G3RPB,
SL3ZV (winner of the BSOOE aware (Best Signal Out of Europe)),
SM4CAN, SP2FAX, OZ8RO, GW3JXN and SM5BGJ were worked (BFJ at 07:41)
and a couple of new stations for me - OH2BO and OH6RA.

On 21-Dec-97, I was hearing VE3 about 2 hours before my sunset and 
right at sunset, there were some good signals.  However, before I 
could start making any QSOs, the opening seemed to go away and
didn't develop into anything.

The openings seemed to favor stations toward the north.  IV3PRK,
T77C and IT9ZGY were never heard at all.  Heard a UA4 on and off
for about 30 minutes on 20-Dec, but was unable to complete a QSO.

Hope everyone has a great holiday season.   Look for the K7RAT
club station in the Stew Perry next weekend (multi-op with N5KO).  
Sounds like we have about 7 plaque sponsors now, so there will be 
plenty of awards (including one for operators over 50!).

Rules at or by e-mail request.

73 Tree N6TR

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