robert dugan
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 12:12:26 -0500

hello ... i am looking for info regarding mixing on the grnd radials
with a elevated radial system ... whats the story on doing this .. does
adding 20 or 30 on the grnd radials to a inv L that currently has 4
elevated radials make any sense ??? the inv L has abt 70 ft vert over
the top of the tree and feed point is up abt 8 ft ... the antenna seems
to wrk pretty well .. but wanted to see if i could make it preform
better .. curious what info on this is out there ... i also use vert's
on 75/80 mtrs with elevated radials they work pretty well also ... i
wounder if i just would be better off putting 30 or so on the grnd
radials and skip the elevated system... if the mixing of elevated and on
grnd radials is a good idea what length would they need to be ?? i guess
any length would work .. hw many would i have to add to start to see a
diff. and would it be best to run them dwn the tree tunk then along the
grnd ???? i am looking for any info on this subject ..  thanks
............ help !! help !!!  73/bob N1NY  happy holidays // hppy new
year  to all !!     pse e-mail to

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