TopBand: Fun in the Sun

Bill Hohnstein
Sat, 27 Dec 1997 10:44:27 -0800

With a 1348z sunrise today and a 1500 Stew Perry Contest start I
didn't think that I'd hear much DX early.  However, I heard:
  JH1RES 1908.7 QSX 1828/1823 later.  1524 - 1545(?)  CQ EU, 559
  JA4EKO 1909.9 QSX 1830, 1531z, 549 
  JA5BJC 1909.4 QSX 1837, 1542+,  559
  JA5BJC 1912.1 QSX 1824, -1609z QRT, 549

I called my heart out on JA5BJC but realized that my chances were
slim for a QSO due to probable one way skip.  I managed to get a
couple of QRZ/AGN's, but that's as close as I got.  Shortly after
I posted my reception on him to the JA DX Cluster, he disappeared--
didn't fade out--just gone...

I started listening at 2150z on Christmas day and immediately
heard OH5VT calling CQ EU on 160 (72 minutes before sunset) with a
good 559 signal.  It took me until 2215 to get a EU QSO (with OH1TN).

I need to get on in the sun more for additional solar power QSO's...
Sounds like a good start to the contest!

73,  Bill     K0HA

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