TopBand: ARRL uncommitted

David Schmocker
Tue, 20 May 97 10:02:54 CST

     On 20 March I e-mailed my ARRL director and vice-directors urging them 
     to support action on the CW-only subband for 160m.  I followed up 
     thrice and received no response.
     On 8 May, I received from K1ZZ, a letter saying:
     "Ed Metzger (my director) has asked me to thank you for your e-mail of 
     March 20 concerning 160 meters.
     The Membership Services Committee is aware of the controversy and is 
     considering whether any action should be recommended to the board."
     In other words, *no* action will be taken unless we motivate such 
     action!  Let's get those cards, letters, phone calls, nagging, etc. 
     going to your ARRL representatives  *NOW!*
     David J. Schmocker KJ9I      David.Schmocker@TWCable.Com

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