TopBand: *******IMPORTANT********

Bill Tippett btippett@CTC.Net
Wed, 22 Oct 1997 07:07:47 -0400 (EDT)

Greetings Gentlemen:

        A few housekeeping details are in order now that the level
of Topband postings is picking up:

        DO NOT USE CC in your headers!  If you want to copy
others, separate with commas in the "To:" header.  Otherwise your
message will BOUNCE to me resulting in delays until I get around
to forwarding it to the list.  This feature is a part of Majordomo
to prevent folks from accidentally copying the list on replies that
are intended only for an individual.  It also cuts down on non-160
related junk mail.

        Everyone is doing a nice job but following the above will make
things work even better.  I am not at home all the time so it will help
list timeliness if you avoid creating BOUNCES that require approval.

                                        73,  Bill  W4ZV

P.S.  Thanks to all for keeping a gentlemanly tone to your posts!

P.P.S.  Just to remind all, here is the intent of this list:

Welcome to the topband mailing list! This list is intended for the exchange
of information on 160-related topics only. Please do not post questions
about general topics like equipment wanted/for sale, E-mail addresses
needed, etc. Occasional problem 160 QSL requests are OK but please
use this reflector only as a last resort after trying the ususal sources.
Please do not use the reflector to post your personal complaints,
criticisms, gripes, etc. We have many overseas subscribers who do not
appreciate the bandwidth taken on non-informational topics. Feel free to
post 160-related questions, but request responses directly and then
summarize the responses in a followup post. If we all follow these simple
guidelines, Topband will remain a valuable information resource for all of

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