TopBand: CN2IB

George Guerin
Wed, 4 Feb 1998 14:17:33 -0500

     Fellow Topbanders:
     Has anyone heard the CN2IB group on 160?  I have seen one spot 449 in 
     VE1 land.
     I have had a couple of skeds at 0400 and 0700 zulu with no luck.
     I heard an operator QSY off 80 at 0400 along with some DLs, HB9s and 
     an IK3 all calling CQ DX or CQ AF on 1824 there after without 
     Guess he is barefoot with a base loaded whip?
     Thanks any reply.  PS:  I would take a phone call at 0700 or 0720  
     (Morocco Sunrise) for that one.
     73                 George          K8GG

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