TopBand: Adice? Wire mesh radials

Roger D. Johnson
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 17:51:44 -0500

If you use "chicken wire" try to get the "galvanized after weaving"
type. It's not as common as the "galvanized before weaving" type
but is much better as the twisted wire crossings are firmly connected.
If you look closely the twisted part looks like it's been soldered
due to the galvanizing.
 I put down a 30ft by 30ft screen at a previous QTH. Cut the grass
short, hold down the mesh with home-made "bobby pins" and the grass
will grow right through. In a coupl of months you won't even know
it's there! Bond the edges together every couple of feet too. 
 This is not a long term solution as the mesh will eventually

GL & 73, Roger

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