TopBand: Top feed verticals?

vic lindgren
Fri, 05 Mar 1999 21:20:40 +0000

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Hi, has anyone built and used a Grounded top fed vertical
ie. Grounded mast with a feed wire sloping off to a matching unit?
Any advice or comments gratefully accepted.
At present use a 12ft loaded whip (remember the Minooka)
on top of a 60ft mast (fed with coax centre to base of loading coil and
braid to the grounded mast.) 
Coax runs down the centre of the mast.
Works like a dream but of course very narrow b/width.
Is it a vertical dipole or what?
interestingly the res freq of the ant goes LF as I raise the mast.
Any thoughts.??
Vic   G4BYG     (M2D in CQWW160 cw)

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