TopBand: Lazy U for 160m

Steve Ireland
Sat, 6 Mar 1999 06:39:13 +0800

I was very interested to read the piece by W3EKT about his Lazy U antenna.
Funnily enough, the antenna I use to work loads of DX on 160m is the very
same sort of antenna he actually rejected for DX work!

I use an inverted-U dipole, which is basically an 80m dipole around 65 to
55' high, with 66' of wire added on each end which fall towards the ground
in a vertical-ish fashion.  Doubtless there is some vertical radiation off
the end sections, but my QTH does not favour vertically polarised antennas.

It all goes to show what will work in one part of the world and at one QTH
for DX will not necessarily work at another.  If your QTH suits horizontal
antennas (or rather, doesn't suit verticals), don't dismiss the inverted-U
dipole antenna out of hand - I have worked over 140 countries and 30 zones
on 160m with it.

However, the Lazy U sounds a very interesting and simple way of putting out
a reasonable vertical polarised signal from a small QTH - and a good way to
test out the qualities of a QTH to find out if it suits vertical
polarisation.  If the Lazy-U works better than an inverted-U dipole, it is
probably then worth eventually going for some kind of top loaded vertical
and bury/elevate lots of radials.

Vy 73,

Steve, VK6VZ

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