TopBand: Re: Interesting Conditions

Bill Hohnstein K0HA
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 07:50:25 -0800

W4ZV wrote:
>         Last night I noticed some very interesting propagation.
> I first heard SM4CAN around 0230 with a good signal but coming
> in best via my 80 degree Beverage. 

I often have EU signals skewed south of true short path when I see
no report of the same from the stateside east coast.  Last night the
opposite was true.  I copied SM4CAN's signal for some time (never
called) but saw no signs of an abnormal path from Nebraska.  While
Kent's signal provided an excellent example of good copy with phased
40 degree Beverages, but little copy with a single one; there was no
sign of even an unusual phase setting of the Beverage combiner for
best copy (generally this occurs before a different azimuth
Beverage has a better signal).  The normal path reception from here
was true on all European signals that I copied last night.  With the
geomagnetic activity then I would have expected otherwise...

73,  Bill     K0HA

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