TopBand: NE/EU is Skewed

Bill Hohnstein K0HA
Thu, 11 Mar 1999 00:48:36 -0800

It was normal abnormal conditions today rather than yesterday's
abnormal normal conditions--today the Nebraska/European path was skewed.
An interesting example of this was the reception on HB9ATA.  I spent
over 10 minutes listening to Werner, comparing receive antennas around
0545z.  My 84, 40 and shorter/higher angle 43 degree Beverages were
close to the same in copying ability (normally 40 degrees is the
easy winner).  Each would be a bit better for short periods.  However,
the clear winner was the phased pair of 84 and 40 degree Beverages--
typically 3 dB improvement in signal-to-noise radio over the single
Beverages or my normally better phased 40 degree pair.
The obvious winner for EA5CW and EA3BY after 0600z was the 43 and 40
degree phased pair.  EA3BY was copied until he gave up at 0624z
(after his sunrise).
Early EU signals were similarly skewed, but these were better
73,  Bill     K0HA

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