TopBand: C21 report

Roger, G3SXW
Sat, 13 Mar 1999 15:15:44 -0500

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To DX Editors from G3SXW, 13 Mar.
Here is a brief report of our trip to Nauru.

C21SX (Roger/G3SXW) and C21ZM (Bob/G3ZEM) made over
20,000 CW contacts in 132 DXCC countries from Nauru
between February 27th and March 7th on all nine HF bands,
including 38% on WARC bands:

160 m      220          N.America       34%
80         421          Asia            34%
40      2222            Europe          29%
30      2216            Others            3%
20      2452
17      2895
15      4352
12      2777
10      3109

The LF path to Europe was very difficult: no contacts on 160 and
only eight on 80 metres. On HF the path to JA and North America
was excellent whilst West Europe struggled on short-path through
the Russian wall.

QSL all contacts to home call via bureau or direct to:

C21SX - Roger Western G3SXW
7 Field Close
Surrey KT9 2QD

C21ZM - Bob Henderson G3ZEM
Whitwell House
York YO6 7JJ

Bureau replies can be requested by e-mail - send QSO details to:
C21SX -
C21ZM -

Many thanks to C21RK and other C21's for much help and hospitality.

73 de Roger/G3SXW.

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