TopBand: EL2WW QSP PSE..!!!

David VK3EW
Thu, 01 Apr 1999 00:25:12 +1000

As Mark says      FRIENDS.!!!!

Can someone pass along to him that the Usual EASTERN SIDE VK's would also
like to try the path to him
BUT  2215z is far too LATE for us.

Sunrise in VK3 at present is around 2015utc so we suggest
if he could be on air as below but from 1945 to 2015utc for us

Thank you all

Happy Easter time to all

David VK3EW.

Subject: TopBand: Mark - EL2WW new schedule


The sun starts to get up a bit sooner. As from tomorrow 31/3, I will
be qrv 1828.5, qsx 1 to 2 up, at 0615z until my sunrise.
Also qrv every night at 2215z, same freq.
The amplifier is fully operational now, but the Inv-L stays only up
at 12m height. So some good propagation will be welcome...
For the weekends I cannot guarantee the above schedule, but for the 5
weekdays I will be there and hope someone is listening.
Last night had an opening in EU from 2215 to 23z, but worked only 8
stations. Also heard VE1ZZ with booming signal.
Again, please NO mail to this address.
73 - Mark - on4ww/el2ww (qsl via ON5NT)

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