Topband: Laddarline or #12 for Inv.-L

David Gordon
Fri, 4 Feb 2000 16:48:37 GMT

Now, another question from someone who is new to 160m or will be new. 
Like I said, I am planning on installing an Inverted-L. I was
planning on using #12 strained wire for it but got to thinking
about bandwidth.

Would it help or not/make any difference, if I was to use #12 for the bottom
1/8 wl and then the top 1/8 wl out of laddar line, or put the laddar line on
the bottom 1/8 wl and the #12 on the top 1/8 wl OR make the whole thing out of
laddar line with both ends shorted?  Or just use the #12 as planned???

-- David - KB4LCI

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