Topband: 240' tower

Ron Feutz
Fri, 04 Feb 2000 14:29:01 -0600

I have access to a 240' Rohn SSV self-support for potential use as a
contest station for 160.

I would like the help of modelers to tell me if the tower, being close
to 1/2 wl high, would interact so badly with potential antennas that it
may not be worth the bother.

The bottom section is 24' leg to leg (Rohn 16N) and tapers to 18" or so
(Top sections are Rohn 5N).

Antennas that I am considering are inverted V dipole, delta or quad
loop, slopers and multi-slopers.  Please reply direct and I will
summarize if it looks like there might be anyone else interested.

Ron - WA9IRV

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