Topband: XZ0A

Larry Molitor
Sun, 06 Feb 2000 14:30:18 +0000

As I write this note, it's ten minutes before sunrise, and XZ0A is fading 
down into the noise.

Because I'm at work a couple hours before sunrise every weekday, there were 
few chances to work they boys this year. Seemed like every weekend,there 
was good prop to the east, but little here to central AZ. I was very glad 
to be able to finally hear them on the last day of operation.

I could first hear them about 1300Z, but no copy. AT 1321Z, they peaked up 
to a whopping big 339 and I was able to get through with just a couple 
calls. By 1340Z, they were actually peaking 549 here, through my very high 
noise level. The signal was strong enough and steady enough to use my 
rotatable flag and verify that they were indeed peaking from the southwest.

Surprisingly, there was little or no QSB during the entire period. At 1410Z 
they were back down to about 339 and at 1412Z, ten minutes before my 
sunrise, they were gone completely.

A fantastic 160 effort two years in a row! Those boys deserve a medal at 
the very least.

Congratulations to all those who got a new one, and special congratulations 
to the entire XZ0A team for a great job!


Larry - W7IUV

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