Topband: XZ0A - Final Day

Bruce Clark
Mon, 07 Feb 2000 21:26:51 +0000

To my knowledge no one physically located in W1 land made the contact with
XZ0A. (AA1K is in DE)

Because of their sunset time, they were starting up too much after sunrise
here in New England.  We started to hear them just as they faded out, and
the spots on the packet just starting up.
(There was no doubt of the start up time as the spots indicating everyone
heard them at the same time)

[Bruce this is not correct...many days they were spotted by JA's even before
their sunset...I think we just did not get propagation until absorption had
a chance to drop after their we've discussed previously, 160
requires a minimum (~30 mins?) of common darkness for 160 to work on long
hauls like this and you were unfortunately at the W4ZV]

Our sunset gray line here in central coastal Maine was only a ~5
minute peak.  On the best days he was readable. A couple of hundred miles
either west or east could have made a difference.

We all have a black hole to some where on earth.
Anyone for a black hole contest?
(Not to be confused with a dead band contest)
Just kidding. 

Bruce  K1FZ

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