Topband: VP6BR activity

Richard Zwirko dz@VOA.GOV
Tue, 8 Feb 2000 18:52:09 -0500 (EST)

  Jukka, OH2BR, operating as VP6BR reported a few days ago that while
operating he heard a loud bang and his supposedly bulletproof amp went
dead.  The amp now draws a continuous 500 Ma even w/o drive. He hopes to
get some info from the manufacturer and possibly replacement parts shipped
from New Zealand in the next month or so before he has to leave Pitcairn.

He indicated that his hopes of working Europe on 80M and 160M have been
greatly reduced. There was no mention of if/when he would even try 160M.
VP6BR has been on all of the HF bands from 40M through 10M and supposedly
also on 6M. He did show up very weakly on 3794 KHz on Feb. 7 at 0130Z and
again around 0400Z but I've seen no sign of him on the Top Band in the
past week. I hope that VP6BR doesn't give up on 160 Meters just because he
doesn't have an amp.  I've already worked Pitcairn and 174 other countries 
with 100 Watts, leaving the guy on the other end with the more difficult
task of hearing the low power. There are enough good ears on the Top Band
for Jukka to make many QSOs with his low power VP6 signal even if he
can't get his amp working again.

If/when others work him on the HF bands, please encourage Jukka to at
least try the Top Band with 100W.

73 de Rich - K1HTV

PS - CU all in the ARRL Dx tests on 160M from W3LPL

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