Topband: XZ0A team home

Milt Jensen, N5IA
Tue, 8 Feb 2000 22:36:28 -0700 (MST)

Hello Fellow Top Banders,
        I just arrived at my home in Virden, New Mexico.  It is just 53.5
hours since the last transmission was made from XZ0A at Thahtay Khun Island
in the Union of Myanmar at 23+ hours Z, 6 Feb..  Five hours of frantic
dis-assembly and packing of equipment and antennas then followed.
        The last six US members of the XZ0A team left the island on the
boat at 0500 Z on Monday, 7 Feb., and are all now at home.
        As we left, 3 Thai members of the team, Winit HS1CKC, Cy HS0GBI,
and Champ E21EIC, led by Ray HS0/G3NOM, had only three of the verticals of
the 80 Meter 4-Square and some of the Beverage wires left to take down and
prepare for shipping back to storage in Bangkok.
        I personally want to thank all the Top Banders for a memory of a
life time.  All the planning and installation efforts were rewarded in full
by the results of the superb 1.5 hours beginning at 1200 Z on the very last
night of operation.  I was unable to contain my emotions after that run.
49, YES        FORTY-NINE NA stations in the log for the evening.  
        Somewhat over 2,300 total 160 Meter Qs in the 22 nights of
operation for an average of more than 100 per night.  Way over 200 NA
stations in total.  More numbers with full details later.
        I have to be back at work at 8 AM in the morning and it will take a
week or so to decompress to the point where I can do justice to a report of
the full operation.
        73 all.  Good night, and again, THANK YOU!!!
                                                Milt, N5IA together with
the other Top Band ops, Robin WA6CDR, George V73GT, Steve G3VMW, and Ray

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