Topband: Yet another radial system question.

Kenneth Ramirez
Wed, 9 Feb 2000 11:46:02 -0500

                           Bear with me!  I am learning in droves from this
reflector and appreciate all advice/experiences. If I can tweak the system 1
db at a time maybe one day I'll be happy with my transmit signal. It took me
3 years to get to the point where I had done all I could do for my 75m
                          My present shunt fed tower is a normal grounded 70
foot high Rohn 25 system. All the literature I have seen concerning shunt
fed verticals show the radial system connected to the base of the tower or
elevated but also connected to the tower. I.E. a grounded radial system. Can
I "float" the radial system by disconnecting the radials from the tower and
tieing them to a common point 15-20 inches away from the tower and  move the
6 gauge cable presently going from the coax shield to the tower over to the
common point of the elevated radial system?
Will this mess up the matching of the shunt fed system enough to keep it
from being usable?  Is it still a shunt fed system if the coax shield is not
connected to the tower.  Thanks again for your responses and help.

Ken N4UK

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