Topband: Short verticals

Al Williams
Mon, 28 Feb 2000 11:47:50 -0800


I, too, used a 105' tree i.e. a tree 105' high which supported a 100'
vertical wire with a top horizontal 30' loading (inverted L).  Ground
constisted of 12 insulated radials about 7' above ground.  Ground is
mostly wetland.

results:  not even 35 qsos, much less 35 countries.  Much, Much repeated
efforts to get my call sign & state heard.  Two operators.  Also used 160
coax fed dipole at 70', end ladder line fed longwire 540' long sloping
from 80' down to 20', and a center ladder line fed 320 dipole at 75'.  
horizontal antennas facing different directions.

No signal was better on the vertical than all of  the other antennas.
Most of the signals were better on all of the other antennas than the 
vertical--but the vertical did have a nice low vswr!

I am about to conclude that verticals radiate equally poor in all


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