Topband: YB0ARA/9

Bill Tippett
Tue, 29 Feb 2000 02:48:26 +0000

Received the following from Phil YB0ARA/9:

Nothing on last night as well !  Sure would like to hear a few signals to be
sure I don't have any major antenna problem's I have not discovered !  80
and 40 have lot's of signals, so I think it is OK.  All three bands are much
lower in frequency than before.  Might be the supper wet soil and the fact
that the antenna was stretched a lot before it broke coupled with the fact I
guessed on what was missing and added some to the 160 section.  Will
continue with 1.826.5 and call several CQ's before retiring.  I am hearing
fishing buoy's, just not as much as I remember from before.  The more I
think about it, I just need a good opening to the USA to make feel warm and
fuzzy again !  See you on the band.

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