Topband: strange band

Herb Schoenbohm
Tue, 29 Feb 2000 15:55:22 -0400

I want to correct  an error  by last post that it was K9NR not K9UR that Dan
was referring to. I didn't have the log at the office but now confirm it was
Don, K9NR  who actually lives about 30 miles north of WB9Z and uses 100 feet
of Rohn 45 with a KT34 and a 2 element 40 on top.  (Plenty of top loading)
WB9Z uses a 160 foot PiRod tower, series fed, and 120 radials of bare #10 all
silver solder together.  Jerry mentioned to me that he does have two 20 foot
wide and  80 foot metal side by side silos 250 feet to the NW in line with
the path to KL7. (I have no idea what this would look like on a model.
Perhaps Earl, K6SE would tackle it.)

With the two stations only 30 miles apart and so closely matched and the fact
that difference was consistent rather than temporary only adds to the

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