Topband: About the ZJ Electronics Beverage Box

Fri, 10 Nov 2000 12:26:48 -0500

Ahoy Topbanders:

In my previous post as to whether ZJ Electronics was still 
in biz or not, I failed to mention why I liked the ZJ 
Beverage box.  

Here's what I found to be of value.  Besides the unbalanced 
coax feedline to single wire matching network, mine has a 
20db amp and a bandpass filter built in.  A big plus for 
me was that the amp and filter are located with the matching 
network at the antenna in the field and the voltage for the 
preamp is fed via the coax to the amp.  If the amp needs to 
be disabled, then the wall-wart transformer is unplugged and 
signals are still heard, though lower in strength.

It is a great device.

73,  Pete  K4LDR 

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