Topband: Longpath propagation - new book by NM7M

Roger Graves
Sun, 12 Nov 2000 15:24:10 -0800

I've just finished reading Bob Brown's ( new 'Long-
Path Propagation Revisited' book. This is a great resource for anyone who 
would like to understand more about propagation phenomena, especially 
on the low bands. Bob has done a great job of explaining many of the 
physical processes that influence ionospheric propagation and showing 
how these processes can make longpath propagation possible, or 
impossible, on different frequencies. The book focusses on 160 and 
shows how propagation on this band differs from that on higher 
frequencies. His analyses of the VK0IR and ZL7DK logs show the limits of 
distance achieved on 160 by these expeditions and demonstrate how the 
theoretical principles apply to actual situations. Thanks Bob!
Victoria, BC

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