Topband: A61AJ Revisited
Mon, 13 Nov 2000 08:04:51 EST

Hi Gang

A61AJ should again be active on Topband this year, especially just before, 
DURING, and just after the CQWW CW contest period.

A major Multi-Multi effort is planned with an international team.

An advance team of ON4UN and ON8WU arrived there Sunday and will begin work 
on 160 meter antennas today.  It is possible that John will try to get on a 
bit in the evenings this week, with EXISTING antennas and perhaps a temporary 
beverage aimed at EU and the EAST Coast of NA.  No promises at all on this 
one - but if it is going to happen, start looking about 2345z through 0245z - 
John MAY or MAY NOT be on.

There is a ton of antenna work to be done (more than is physically practical 
to be honest) so keep your ears on and see what develops.

The rest of the team starts arriving on the 18th and will continue with 
various antenna projects.

160m operations will commence, work permitting, prior the contest - but the 
PRINCIPAL focus this year is to get ready for the CQWW contest.

But, KEEP UR EARS ON - you never what will happen.  Maybe something good.

DURING the contest - special efforts will be made at W0/W6/W7 via the 
longpath starting about 1315Z.  Sunset in A6 is at 1331z and we will be 
beaming 155 degrees via the LONGPATH into the West Coast - xmitting on 1831 
or 1832 QSX up 2 for WEST COAST callers.

Last year, I was being heard daily on this path - but we had a power line 
noise at S8 on the 155 degree beverage.  This was **devasting** on RX and 
precluded all but a few W6/W7 callers from making contacts with A6 for a new 
one on Topband.  There were many "near-misses" which were frustrating for 
BOTH sides of the potential QSO.

This year, I am taking a noise sense antenna and my noise canceller and will 
do everything I can to null out the offending noise on the LP.

We will do our best - but no promises!  I really do not like being an 
ALLIGATOR - but if this remains beyond human control - we can only do our 

Again, do not expect too much BEFORE the contest - we may be on - but getting 
all the antenna work done for the contest is our FIRST priority.  We may be 
working 24 hours a day, under the lights at night, in shifts to get it done.

Good hunting.

We hope to work you folks on all bands.


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