Topband: Nice JA opening

Robert G. Flory
Sat, 25 Nov 2000 09:00:43 -0500


After working NL7Z with ease at 1043z, I figured it was looking good for JA
opening this Saturday AM in CQWW test.

Copied JA1HQT at 1100, JA1JRK, JA1CGM 1130, JA7NI clg CQ 1131, JH1RES 1138,
JH0BBE clg CQ 1155, JA7AO 1159, JA1HQT again clg CQ 1200.  Except where
noted, all were calling other stations.  

I was not able to get even a dididahdahdidit from those clg CQ, but that's
not much of a surprise with my 100w.  Someday, though.....

73, Rob K2WI

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