Topband: k9ay loops story !!!

Marc Wullaert
Sat, 25 Nov 2000 20:28:42 +0100

Hi topbanders ...

Did someone build the K9AY loop whit insulated wire?
I did't and sorry no way to receive something.The antenna
was complete deaf.I build it 2 years ago for a backup ,if i can't put up my
beverages on the farmers land.
The first one was build with copperwire 0.8mm (thats 24 gauge ,if i'm
correct ???).Worked great.
I rebuild the loops again whit 0.8 copper wire and everything is back like
th older one.

I did some measurements whit my Analyzer (MFJ259b)
Whit the insulated loops there was high SWR in the shack !Whit the tinny
wire loops SWR is good.

73 on4ma

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