Topband: beverage interference
Mon, 30 Oct 2000 16:13:40 EST

This is probably something that you beverage veterans know about...

I put up my first beverage for CQWW last week. It is 580' long & about 6-7' 
high, and a bit zig zaggy due to where I must run it. It is fed with an ICE 
toroid match box and unterminated.

I can feed the beverage to either of my radios via a switch. The FT1000MP is 
well behaved, but the FT990 gets killed by RF when the beverage is in use. 
The front panel lights dim down to nothing, and the wattmeter in line with 
the radio pegs. It is odd, because both stations use the same transmitting 
antenna. The only difference in the 2 stations is amplifiers and radios.

Any suggestions on how to cure this? I realize moving the tranmsit/RX 
antennas further apart is probably the best solution, but isnt' not possible 
here unfortunately.



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