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To all interested parties with an interest toward
 Kenwood TS870s Transceivers
 Menu Settings
 Service Manual information
 Operators manuals
 Topband Frequency Allocation Lists
Topband DXCC holders
Who's Who on 160
Links to interesting sites
Antenna Photos & Person Photos
Precedence: bulk
X-Sponsor: W4AN, KM3T, N5KO & AD1C

I have been getting inquires as to how one might get the menu settings =
spreadsheets through an email attachment.

This is no longer necessary as all the information is contained on my =
web page and can be downloaded, printed and or saved accordingly.  =
Please go to the following URL :

Please feel free to sign the guest book or send me an email with your =
comments.  Thanks to all in advance, and Please accept my appologies for =
the bandwidth here.  This was the only way I could think of to let =
everyone know of this AVAILABILITY without having to continue the email =
attachment cycle process.  If you have any questions or problems, =
contact me personally at my email address and =
not to any of the reflectors.

Respectfully and 73s,=20

Dennis          K=D8CKD

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