Topband: New on Top Band

Tom Baugh
Mon, 16 Jul 2001 18:38:03 -0500

Hello Top Banders,

As a relative newcomer to Amateur Radio and..
After having recently received cards from K5K and 3G0Y on top band..
I would like to prepare for the upcoming contest and Top Band seasons.

Last year I put up, for the first time ever, and with the help of KCDXC
Pres. K0LW a top loaded vertical. It performed remarkably well as a transmit
antenna. I have other things to improve here but would like advice,
suggestions on two items.

I will be putting up two 50 foot, top loaded verticals this year with hopes
of phasing them but I don't know where to start. How far apart should they
be... should they be in line or broadside to the DX or doesn't it matter?
What size should the phasing coax be? should it be end fed or center fed?
Etc....  Can they be steered?

I would also like to put a beverage up this year.. I'll be discussing this
with the neighbor shortly. I have 5 acres but the dimensions are 265 feet
North South and 900 feet East West with a pole barn (metal building) in the
back 250feet and the house in the front at 300 feet. From my reading in
W1WCR's beverage antenna book I have the basic of how to do this. I will be
purchasing the Lance Johnson beverage package to simplify things but wonder
where to start with wire dimensions. Should I try to put up exactly 1 WL
wire at 45 deg? Make it fit my lot and don't mess with the neighbors? I am
also concerned about its proximity to the transmit antennas and the metal
building. My location is very quiet relatively speaking with mostly
underground utilities etc. I know this info is hugely open ended but would
like to see if I have any takers for help. I may ask a lot of stupid
questions along the way but I know of no better source of information for
the topic.
If you'd prefer to EMail direct that would be fine too.

Thanks for the Bandwidth
Tom Baugh

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