Topband: Drake R4C

Rob Sherwood
Mon, 23 Jul 2001 00:11:22 -0600

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K1FZ wrote:

> What is the serial number information on the Drake R4C that will allow
> the Sherwood
> up grade?

REPLY:  Any s.n., though 6HS6s are harder and harder to get.  If  you stay
above s.n. 21,000 this will not be an issue.

>  It is my understanding that below a certain number the R4C will not
> convert.

REPLY:  The power supply mod is a bit clunky on the really old ones, as the
voltage is too low and you have to bootstrap the input to the regulator off
the filament line.  Again, if you go for 21,000 and up, no problems.  But
you can mod any R-4C.

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