Topband: Mark 5 clicks

Pete Smith
Tue, 10 Dec 2002 16:10:06 -0500

Just for fun, I redid the click check on my Mark 5, trying to follow the 
protocol  suggested by Earl, K6SE.  The test receiver is a TS-930 with 
cascaded Inrad 400 Hz. filters.

Earl wrote "Before any mods, my FT-1000MP had klix on CW that extended out 
at least
2.1 kHz.  I installed the INRAD keying improvement mod and that reduced the 
klix to about 800 Hz.  Then I installed the W8JI key click mod and that 
reduced the klix to about 300 Hz."

With the Mark 5 on 3505.0, and the test receiver tuned to 3505.0, the Mark 
5's signal was S9.  Sending dots at roughly 20 WPM, I found that by 3505.4, 
the clicks no longer deflected the S meter at all, although they were still 
quite audible.  By 3505.8, the clicks were gone, although some phase 
noise(?) could be heard if you listened closely.  That noise seems to 
extend out another couple of kHz.

I'm not sure whether Earl meant that the unmodified MP's clicks were 
audible for 2.1 kHz EITHER side of center, or total.  To the extent our two 
measurements are comparable, even the more restrictive reading seems to 
suggest that the Mark 5 is a little better.  Or is it?  Anyone else done 
this on a Mark 5?

73, Pete N4ZR
Sometimes a tower is just a tower