Topband: Multiple Rcvrs on a Single Beverage

John Kaufmann
Thu, 12 Dec 2002 20:29:51 -0500 wrote:

> If one were going to use a single Beverage and wanted to use four to eight
> receivers with it simultaneously, how would one best split and then
> to negate the splitting losses?

At KC1XX, we had the same issue when we redesigned our Beverage system--in
this case, how to share a Beverage with four receivers.  I came up with a
homebrew solution for a passive 1:4 splitter using 3 toroids.  It is
designed for 50 ohm loads and has the following properties:

1 antenna input port.
4 receiver output ports.
-6 dB throughput from antenna port to each receiver port.
50 ohm input termination impedance.
Isolation between receiver ports--short circuit or open circuit condition at
any one receiver port results in no more than ~1 dB level change at other

If you are interested in a schematic of the splitter, send me e-mail

73, John W1FV