Topband: 160 meters antenna in portable...

Fidel Leon
Wed, 30 Oct 2002 21:04:04 +0100

This is my first (written) message on the reflector (altought being a 
member for some months!), so hi! to everyone.

I am planning doing a portable operation for the forthcoming 160 meter 
contests (not a little option of doing 160 meters in my QTH, AT ALL).

The portable QTH would be a beach, but here aren't too many palm trees hi! 
so dipoles aren't an option.

I could put rise something built in aluminium, but I am a little novice in 
this band (only one QSO in this band in four years is novice enough?), and 
haven't found ideas in the Net.

Would anybody send me some advice? If so, you could help a little boy 
having something more interesting to work hi!


Fidel Leon - EA3GIP