Topband: K8UR array

Sinisa Hristov shristov at ptt.yu
Sun Dec 7 02:02:29 EST 2003

Ron Feutz wrote:

> ON4UN does not show baluns at the feed points; the Comtek manual does.  Are
> baluns necessary?  I would prefer to not use them to lighten the wind and
> weight load on the antenna/tower.

One should always assume that a balun is needed,
unless there is a positive proof to the contrary,
such as coax being positioned behind an infinite
conductive plane, etc.

Published antenna designs [and entire antenna books!]
frequently omit to mention baluns [and other feeding details]
in order to concentrate on the antenna itself.
This should not be taken as a claim that a "balun
is not needed". In fact, it IS nedded with most
antennas, both symmetric and asymmetric ones.
If the wind load is a problem, some size/weight may be saved
by using a tailor-made balun for the band and the power used.
Email me with details.


Sinisa  YT1NT, VA3TTN

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