Topband: Stew Perry contest ideas

i4jmy at i4jmy at
Mon Dec 22 13:38:55 EST 2003

I never operated 160m from west coast, but I think sunrise-sunset hours are quite important ones if the setup is enough for extra domestic traffic.
Beeing the Stew Perry a QRB contest, I'd prefer not to waste a sunrise in any case.
This at least in my opinion.

Mauri I4JMY

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> Here on the left coast, the 1500 UTC hour is the 7AM hour.  Is
> it worth it to use up one of the 14 hours at this time, or
> skip to 0100 (5PM here) and run straight through.  Is there
> enough middle of the night operation to be worth the effort
> of an all-nighter?
> I'd appreciate some comments from the more experienced here.
> Thanks and 73
> Bob N6WG

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