Topband: To Balun or not to Balun that is the question.

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Wed Dec 31 01:55:50 EST 2003

By the way, depending the diameter of the coil, line lenght, and coil position, I'm afraid those 6 turns are not enough to have a good choke on 20m. 
Expecially in cases where a choke is not on a current node, 10 ten times ratio between reactance and 50 Ohm doesn't make at all a good one.
Somewere I've seen claimed only 6 turns over 4" is a good choke for 20m, while it's not.

73 & HNY
Mauri I4JMY

> I do not use baluns below 10 Mhz. On the higher band I only use the 6 
> turn coil recommended for feeding my 204BA and other yagis. On yagis a 
> reasonably balanced feed is important for pattern symmetry.  
> Regards,
> Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ

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